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1. How much will it cost to mow my lawn?

This depends on what your requirements are; the size of your lawn, the terrain, how many obstacles there are & when it was last mowed. As it is not possible to determine all of these things without seeing the property, we provide free onsite quotes. We offer packages to suite every budget:

  • Just Mowed
  • Mowed & Whipper Snipped
  • Mowed, Whipper Snipped ,Grass Caught & Hard surfaces blown down
  • Mowed, Whipper Snipped, Grass Caught & Removed, & Hard surfaces blown down
  • or a Tailored package to suit you!


2. What should I look for when comparing lawn & gardening services and why do some operators charge more than others? 

Are they a LEGAL operator? Are they a registered business? Do they have a Work Health and Safety Management Plan (LEGALY REQUIRED)

Have I been given a copy of their Liability INSURANCE to PROTECT me; my loved ones, property and goods?

Are they SAFE to be around my family? Do they have a Positive Notice Blue Card?

Do they have professional equipment, and COMMITMENT; enabling them to provide a RELIABLE service?

To provide these things it costs. But for PEACE OF MIND? Chose the bloke you can TRUST!


3. Do I have to be present at the time of service?

No, not when prior payment arrangements have been made.

We look after properties for absentee owners, landlords, property managers, and those who work away from home. We carry on standing orders, so you can set and forget.

When servicing properties for clients who cannot be present we understand that good communication is vital. We regularly do this for clients communicating with photos, email, and phone and have many satisfied customers.

We do it the way you like it, even when your not there!